Our Partners

Subsidizing course fees for over 70,000 junior golfers.
Providing school scholarships for families in need.
Golf access through PGA HOPE and PGA Jr. League.
Helping fight the effects of COVID-19.
Helping fight the effects of COVID-19.

Our Mission

JuniorCoach Golf Association, aka JuniorCoach Golf, offers free classes taught by carefully selected qualified and competitive JuniorCoaches who can advise students on all technical aspects of the golf game. Lesson material focuses on the mental game. We hope our lesson material will be taught to be used not only in a round of golf, but in our junior golfer’s lives as well. JuniorCoach Golf Association promotes character development, teamwork skills, and philanthropy in student-athletes through the competitive playing of golf and the collaborative nature of fundraising. We host conferences, where we invite junior golfers, nonprofit directors, and community leaders to speak to broaden our awareness of the benefits extracurriculars and especially a sport like golf can grant for the character development of a child. 

Our organization is not just about spreading the sport of golf: it’s about creating the necessary life skills that a child needs to succeed in the real world. Our students have gone through massive personal changes by playing golf: academic grades have gone up, parents say their child is more willing to engage in new activities, and students have started to realize the payoff that hard work and practice can give. This is because they have taken the skills they learned in golf and applied it to things in their daily life—things like school, relationships with friends and family, and other extracurriculars. 

We like to call this the “extracurricular education”: the education you can’t get from formal instruction, but is so essential to the growth of a child. 

Through our programs, we hope to expand the sport of golf to more junior golfers, as it is a sport which builds not only character but strong mental mindsets, important to success in life. Through golf, which is a sport of both ups and downs every round, kids will learn the importance of hard-work, tough mentality, and positive attitudes. They will also learn the importance of giving back to the community.

Through golf, we hope our organization can better the future generations of our world.