From competitive golfer to enthusiastic golf coach: JuniorCoach Golf Instructor Highlight, Nathan Park

“Be there to support your kids in their golf journey.”

-Nathan Park, District VP of Tri-Valley Headquarters

We take great pride in our JuniorCoach Golf Instructors.  They are the embodiment of this program and what makes JuniorCoach Golf a success.  We would like to take a moment to highlight a very special member of our team, Nathan Park. 

Nathan has been playing golf since he was 7 years old.  He is now in high school and playing competitively with his high school varsity team and local junior golf tournaments.  

As for many young golfers, golf had started out as a hobby.  It wasn’t until years later that he began getting involved in U.S. Kids tournaments that his passion for the game took off.

Golf offers many great life lessons for juniors, from patience to etiquette to competitiveness.  It has been a thrill for Nathan to share all of his experience on the golf course with new junior golfers.  He also enjoys keeping golf fun with his junior students. In fact, Nathan first learned of JuniorCoach Golf from the founder Adora Wen.  Nathan took lessons with Adora and also played golf with her in school. When Adora had asked Nathan to join the team it was a natural fit.  JuniorCoach Golf has allowed Nathan to take his passion for golf to the next level by sharing it with others.  He has been named the VP of Tri Valley Headquarters District and has been teaching for half a year, loving every minute. 

Nathan shared with us one experience he had with a student that was impactful in his coaching experience. He mentioned a recent lesson he was giving with two students in a heated putting competition.  He enjoyed the thrill of watching the kids get excited about competing and having fun.  It was very rewarding. 

I asked Nathan, “If you were to give a young golfer’s parents one golf tip, what would it be?”. He said, “be there to support kids in their golf journey”.  

We look forward to hearing many more stories about Nathan’s success both on and off the course!

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