Jane’s Story: Trainee to Tournament!

Image above: Jane, right, high-fives JuniorCoach Adora, right, after a job well-done at the course.

Jane started group lessons with a professional when she was around 8. She had to pay for those lessons, and the instructor was an adult. Though she knew that she loved golf, she wasn’t sure if this was a path that she wanted to pursue.

When she knew about JuniorCoach Golf Association, a nonprofit organization that gives free golf lessons to youth like her, her mom signed her up. Her first lesson was with Nathan Park. Quickly, she realized that she could connect much better with a high schooler, who went through the same journey she has to go through now just a few years ago. And the best part was that her parents did not have to worry about paying for lessons, which was a big part of their concern with continuing golf.

She then had lessons with Kyle, Anika, and Adora. Nathan, Kyle, and Anika taught her about the fundamentals on the practice range and on the putting greens. Adora took her to her first practice round on the course, teaching her about strategy and keeping a positive attitude. As her love for golf grew, so did her golf skills. And now, Jane went from being unable to play golf to playing her first tournament in just under a year.

Jane’s progress and passion for the game is inspirational to us all, and we are so proud of her for the growth she exhibited throughout her golf journey. Go Jane!

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