New Direction, More Impact

*UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to pilot these new programs currently. If your child is in shelter-in-place or if their school is closed due to the coronavirus, we have a new program that provides free online tutoring sessions for youth ages 5-16 by qualified high school volunteers. Please visit our page called “Supporting Youth During COVID-19” to read more about this program. *

JCGA is proud to announce the new direction that the organization is going towards in an attempt to provide more golf to people who will be truly impacted by the sport. This is why we are announcing two new changes in our policies and in our programs.

  1. A new program providing free lessons for veterans. This idea came from an article we read that detailed how golf can serve as mental and emotional therapy for veterans, and coupled with our excitement with hearing stories from these brave men and women who served our country while we taught them golf, we are super excited to pilot this program. We will also be assisting PGA REACH, an organization that also uses golf to help veterans. Our first event with them was supposed to be at the TPC Harding Park 2020 Charity Pro-Am, though unfortunately this may be cancelled due to current coronavirus concerns. However, we will definitely partnering with them in the future to assist them and our veterans in any way we can.
  2. Emphasizing our focus to lower-income communities. Kids need our help the most in these communities, so we will be mostly teaching in places where golf is less accessible or even inaccessible. We believe the the introduction of this extracurricular, which is often labeled as elitist or out of reach for lower-income youth, will allow more youth to believe that the sky is indeed the limit and their background does not limit them to what they want to do.

From now on, because we are shifting our resources to these programs, we may be cutting back resources from other locations, including some current lesson locations. Although these locations will still be open and functioning, please understand that in an effort to expand golf access to more locations, it won’t be as active as before. If you have any concerns with these changes in policy, please email us at

We are so excited to pursue these two new policies and to potentially open the impact of golf to more people.