For Students and Families

How do I get approved to book a JuniorCoach Golf lesson (academic tutoring, golf lessons, etc.)?

You need these to complete these three steps in order to be approved as a student.

  1. Create an account on our main website (Member Login tab)
  2. Send a Student Waiver Form to (include in your email the academic subjects your child would like to learn so we can match you up with a tutor!)
  3. Create a booking account under our “Sign Up For Lessons” tab

For a more thorough explanation of these steps, please refer to this video:

What is the ONLY policy that I must adhere to? *super important!*

Thank you for asking! Since our services are entirely free, we ask only one thing of you: that you stick to the tutor we assign you. This is for many reasons:

  1. We personally match your child to the tutor that best fits them (academic-wise, time-wise, even sometimes personality-wise)
  2. We want to build a relationship between your student and your own personal tutor
  3. We don’t want to overwhelm our tutors, so we spread out our workload evenly between everyone!

If you do not stick to the tutor we assign you, this will create stress and extra burden on our tutors, something that we don’t want in this already stressful time. Our tutors are incredibly hardworking and patient, and we want to respect their time and passion for service. Therefore, please only book your assigned tutor!

What age does my child have to be to sign up for your service?

We serve kids from ages 6-17.

What services do you cover?

Although our nonprofit name is JuniorCoach Golf, we provide both free golf lessons AND free academic online tutoring currently.

Why is my account not approved yet?

This is because of one of several reasons:

  1. You didn’t create an account under “Member Login.”
  2. You didn’t send a “Student Waiver Form” to with all the information filled out and signed.
  3. You didn’t make ANOTHER separate booking account for our booking plugin under “Sign Up For Lessons.”
  4. Your booking account’s name, username, or email does not match the information you submitted in your waiver form.

If you did ALL of these steps, we need several business days to approve everything you send in manually, and depend largely on the hard work of our board and volunteers. It may take a while to review everything and set up your account.

Please note that we will NOT be answering email questions regarding to why your account has not been approved. Please view our Student Booking Instructional Video in its entirety to make sure you correctly went through all three registration steps, because often we notice that families who did not get their account approved yet did not view the video and therefore missed many crucial steps in the registration process.

What platform are you going to use for tutoring?

Most of our tutors use the application Zoom, so please have that application downloaded and ready to go when your student is ready to book! Your tutor will send you a Zoom link a few hours before your session or even before.

Why did my lesson get cancelled/ the tutor was a no show?

This could be because of many reasons.

  1. The tutor had a few timing challenges and had to cancel it for personal reasons.
  2. You booked too little in advance and the tutor did not have enough time to prepare materials.
  3. You did not book a lesson with the tutor we assigned you.

If you have any concerns with multiple cancellations by your tutor or no shows, you can contact us.

For JuniorCoaches/ Academic Tutors

How do I become a JuniorCoach?

If you want to teach golf lessons, head to our “JuniorCoach Application.” If you want to tutor academic subjects, head to the “Tutor Application.”

Once you fill out that application, send a JuniorCoach waiver form along with a professional headshot to (the headshot is to be posted on our booking website as a part of your profile).

It takes several business days to review your application and your supplementary materials. Once you are approved, you should receive an email congratulating you of your entry and providing extra information on your next steps.

What ages are your JuniorCoaches?

We accept mostly high school students and college students, but we do also accept middle school students if their application is truly outstanding and displays maturity.

I haven’t received my Next Steps email.

This has many possible causes.

  1. You haven’t applied on the application form.
  2. You haven’t sent in your wavier form.
  3. You haven’t sent in your professional headshot.
  4. We are in the process of approving your application.

If you have any concerns with the status of your application, you can email us at

How do I register for the Presidential Service Award under your organization?

Please refer to our Presidential Service Award tab, and read through the requirements of acquiring an award. If you are ready, email us at and you will receive an additional email with information.

My school requires volunteer hours. How do I get my hours signed off?

Head to our “Forms” page, where the JCGA Volunteer Log form is posted. Fill through all of the information, and fax over a copy to We will sign through all the required signatures to give you your volunteer hours.

What application should I use?

Most of our tutors use Zoom! More instructions will be sent out in the Orientation PDF if you are accepted.