Thank you for your interest in helping support JuniorCoach!


  • Provide 30 minute lessons and serve your community
  • Acquire volunteer hours and even get the chance to get the Presidential Service Award
  • Leadership skills and opportunities like becoming a JuniorCoach Chapter President

To sign up:

  • Register for an account and login to your account
  • Hover your mouse over Get Involved, and just like magic, a bunch of new tabs will appear if you're logged in
  • Sign the JuniorCoach Waiver Form (under the tab "Forms")
  • Click on JuniorCoach Application fill out the form and submit

JCGA Student:

  • Bond with high school students from across the nation
  • Learn anything from academics to the arts and athletics all for free
  • Build essential life skills like resilience, determination, perseverance

To sign up:

  • Register for an account and login to your account on
  • Sign the "Student Waiver and Release Form" under the tab "Forms"
  • Register for an account on our booking plugin under "Book Lessons"
  • Go to our JuniorCoach Student Application and fill it out
  • Once you do this, you will be notified after it is approved and you will be issued a free membership so you can freely book our lessons
  • Click on "Sign Up For Lessons." There are many locations and JuniorCoaches to choose from. Choose a time, book, and voila!
  • Have fun at your lesson!


We literally cannot work without our donors, and you guys are super important to us. To donate, click on the top right tab that says "Donate," and donate any amount you want! We highly suggest you register first, but it is not mandatory. Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate it so much.