A Note From The Founder

Thank you so much for supporting JuniorCoach Golf. My name is Adora Wen, and I am the founder of this organization. I have been golfing for what seemed like my whole life. I was dedicated to golf, and I am still a firm believer that every golf round represents the ups and downs of life. Therefore, from first-hand experience, I know how golf can help us juniors develop a tough mindset even through the frustrating times in a round. We know, through our positive mindset, that we worked hard, and we can turn the worst round around. And even if we had a bad day, we learn to discern our mistakes and make sure to practice so we can get better at those skills for the next tournament.

The character development I have gotten from golf was starting to show up in real life. I was more confident, more embracive of making mistakes instead of swearing them off, I took more risks, I stepped out of my comfort zone. This organization is an example.

In December of 2016, I had dislocated my right knee, and I had to take half a year off to rehabilitate. I was far behind, and I spent a year catching up. My last round was a 18-hole tournament round of 78, before I dislocated my left knee the very next day. I learned that I was prone to dislocations, and that if I dislocated either one of my knees again, I would need surgery to stabilize them. My family and I made the tough decision to end my golf career for the sake of my knees.

It was an emotional journey, but I'll spare you the sappy details. Although I can't physically play, I didn't want to quit golf forever. So, here in front of you is my mission. It's me making trying to make one of my dreams come true. So to those who read this far, to those who donated, to those who volunteered, those who signed up to be junior coaches, to those who participated in our free golf lessons, to those who supported us in any way, thank you. You are helping me continue to "play" a sport that I dedicated basically my whole life to. You are helping future junior golfers discover their love for this life-changing sport.

Thank you again!


Adora Wen, Founder