Adora Wen: Founder, Executive Director

Adora Wen is delighted to serve as the Founder and Executive Director of JCGA. She is currently a junior in high school and she played golf for 10 years. She created this nonprofit due to her suffering a bad injury and being unable to play. Her biggest goal for this nonprofit is to spread more awareness of the sport of golf to communities, break its stereotypes, and create scholarships for junior golfers in their journey to college golf. Thank you for being so supportive of JCGA’s mission.


Kevin He: Technology Manager

Kevin He is a senior in Dougherty Valley High School. He is passionate about coding, technology, and Computer Science. As the technology manager, he will be managing this website as a primary source of information for JCGA and make the site easier for everyone to use. Kevin has a very deep understanding of various technologies, including website building skills, and he will keep JuniorCoach Golf updated with the latest technology!

Kevin He Photo

Nathan Park:

VP of Tri Valley Headquarters District

Golf started out as a hobby for Nathan, but has now turned into a passion. Not only has he been playing for his middle school and high school varsity team, he has also been competing in his local junior golf tournaments. Through the years of playing competitively it has guided Nathan towards the direction of playing collegiate golf, and has inspired him to teach all there is to know about playing at the competitive level. Nathan has been teaching young juniors for half a year now and has been able to inspire many young students to strive in the game of golf. He is making it fun, interesting and educational for these young golfers to enjoy the lessons that they attend; not only are these students improving their game, but they are having fun while doing so.

Nathan Park

Weiyu Lin:

VP of Austin, Texas

Weiyu has played one and a half years of golf. He has participated in a lot of STPGA tournaments and also his high school's matches. In his own words, he wants to coach golf because "I want to be able to help some kids out that like golf a lot. I want to see a lot more kids out there playing golf." He loves community service and looks forward to serving the Texas community.


Mary Lee: VP of Fremont District

Mary is a sophomore at Bishop O’Dowd High School and has been playing for the women’s varsity golf team for 2 years. She began playing 7 years ago; continues to compete in many tournaments and plans to play collegiate golf. Mary believes that golf helps build many valuable traits of commitment, patience, and teamwork in individuals that go farther than on the course. She has been teaching for a year and with her dedication and passion, she strives to inspire more juniors to have fun while learning about the game of golf!


Tina Xu: VP of Santa Clara District

Tina is a sophomore at The Harker School and she is planning to play on the school's varsity golf team for all four years of her high school career. She started golf about four years ago and has been playing individual golf tournaments for about three years. She is always excited and passionate to teach young golfers and her goal is to both inspire the golfers and learn from them at the same time. Tina has been teaching for four months and she is delighted to teach more and have lots of fun!

Tina Xu

Spencer Zhang: VP of San Diego, CA

Spencer, with a strong passion for golf, started playing golf for fun when he was ten. As a key member of Canyon Crest Academy Men’s Varsity Golf Team, he sees golf builds both athletic ability and positive character traits. Having volunteered at First Tee San Diego and Boys and Girls Club, Spencer enjoys promoting and bringing the game of golf to kids. He can’t wait to serve the San Diego community and give one-on-one coaching to aspiring young golfers.