Here, you will find all of the required documentation that you need to fill out to be a volunteer, a JuniorCoach, or a student! For the differences between each, please click on the "Get Involved" tab!

JCGA Volunteer Log Form

Log your volunteer hours here and get them signed and approved by emailing the scanned document to with the hours.

Volunteer Waiver and Release Form

Want to be someone who helps setup, cleanup, and maintain events and fundraisers? Print out the waiver and release form so you can upload it and get started immediately! Email your completed waiver and release form to to be a volunteer! We will email back your acceptance!

JuniorCoach Waiver and Release Form

Are you a student who wants to teach other junior golfers on all aspects of golf? Fill out this form and email the scanned form to go along with your JuniorCoach application!

Student Waiver and Release Form

Are you a junior who wants to begin your golf journey by taking our free lessons and enroll in our events? Fill out this waiver and release form and email it and you will be all set to participate in events!